North Carolina National Guard

The NC National Guard is an all volunteer force of around 10,000 soldiers and airmen who serve in federal and state capacities. These men and women maintain the same training standards as the Army and Air Force so they can mesh seamlessly with their active-duty counterparts during national emergencies at home and abroad. Soldiers and airmen are trained and equipped with the military's most up-to-date weapons and aviation systems. The NC National Guard is on call at the governor's request to protect life and property and to preserve peace, order and public safety on the state level. They help during emergencies like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or winter storms, as well as provide support during recovery efforts. Aviation units support local governments in searching for missing persons, help local law enforcement with aerial searches for marijuana and fighting forest fires. 

NCNG Tarheel ChalleNGe is a quasi-military academy focuses on academics and physical training for at-risk youth. Tarheel ChalleNGe teaches life skills, teamwork, leadership, respect, self-esteem and integrity.