JJ week highlight: Health Services

Today the Juvenile Justice week spotlight is on Health Services, the team that is dedicated to meeting the health and health education needs of the youths in juvenile justice facilities. Ketan RamjiOur professional medical staff screen and assess youth upon admission, develop healthcare plans and provide appropriate interventions and/or follow-up that may include referral for specialty assessment and intervention.

Ketan Ramji has worked as a professional nurse with North Carolina Juvenile Justice since 2010, demonstrating professionalism, integrity and leadership throughout his tenure with Juvenile Justice. While working as a contract nurse at C.A. Dillon Youth Development Center, Ramji provided leadership to the other nurse staff when there was a vacancy in the nurse supervisor position. His stable, professional and caring presence made a tremendous impact on the functioning of the health services area.

When Dillon staff transferred to Edgecombe Youth Development Center, Ramji provided the calm and professional presence in Health Services that helped both youth and staff make the transition. He worked to establish processes in the Health Services area that provided structure and stability that radiated throughout the campus. Ramji’s caring, competent and calm manner in dealing with health care issues has made a significant impact on overall operations at the center. He has consistently treated the youth with compassion and empathy, and is highly regarded by youth and staff alike.

While providing this high standard of work Ramji was concurrently working to complete an advanced degree as a Nurse Practitioner. He has successfully completed his degree and licensure. Ramji will be leaving JJ as a professional nurse but working with our youth at Edgecombe as a medical provider later in 2017 and going forward.

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