JJ week highlight - Central Office

We wrap up our recognition of Juvenile Justice week this afternoon with a spotlight on our Central Office staff. Central Office is the tie that binds it all together, housing budget, purchasing, IT, human resources, training, policy and management/oversight of Juvenile Justice. A central figure in Central Office is Bonnie Clark, whose working knowledge of administrative processes and procedures – a critical part of day-to-day operations – is second to none.

Clark has worked with Juvenile Justice for 10 years, and currently provides support, technical assistance, and project management oversight to the five Juvenile Justice Sections as it relates to database management, purchase and contract process, accounts payable and special projects.

A prime example of Clark’s can-do attitude is the Service Directory interface. Beginning with her “sure, happy to assist” reply when asked if she would be able to assist with the review and classification of more than 10,000 program records, she didn’t stop there! Clark assisted in training Community Programs and Court Services staff in the classification process, designed a Service Directory interface (the basis for the online Service Directory) that was used to import more than 3,600 current programs, and that is used by staff members to gather further information from program providers. Though folks said it couldn’t be done, Clark worked with Community Programs and Court Services to successfully find a way that the interface could be done.

Reliable, trustworthy, cordial and professional in all interactions, Clark works late in the office to plan celebrations for her co-workers, organize conference materials or meet a deadline. She helps many individuals in Central Office succeed in numerous projects. But the way she does it – she adds value not only to end-product, but also to the team experience. Her colleagues are not only pleased, but proud, to have her as a fellow Juvenile Justice professional.

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