Contest Sparks Carton Creativity

Milk Bowl
Friday, December 1, 2017 - 4:24pm

The students and staff of two juvenile detention centers in North Carolina put their creative muscles to work to construct a sports-themed creation for the 2017 Made by Milk contest. The project encourages students to use their creativity, while learning to recycle by repurposing milk cartons. Instead of just throwing out trash, create something cool with it! Both facilities are past contest participants.

After collecting 3,984 cartons, Alexander Juvenile Detention Center students huddled together to brainstorm ideas as to how to bring their cartons to life. The team decided on a football stadium fully equipped with cheerleaders, players and even a fan cam! The students spent three weeks working on their ‘Milk Bowl’ project and with the help of staff members, ended up with a phenomenal carton creation to show for it.

Students at Cumberland Regional Juvenile Detention Center shared the same passion for football and created an NFL player and field goal with 2,252 milk cartons. The students were encouraged to use their imagination to create the project and were assisted by Cook Supervisor Tena Cook, Detention Teachers Ruth Dee and Jill Messer, as well as the facility’s youth counselor technicians. The creation was named ‘Milk State University’ because many of the students aspire to further their education.

“At Cumberland, it isn’t about winning and showcasing artwork, but the skills learned during the process such as networking, team-building and social skills,” said Nicole Hawkins, the facility’s acting human service coordinator. “(It also helps students) in using critical thinking in terms of making a proud choice for their future.”

The entries could win a grand prize of $5,000 and the “People’s Choice” will win $2,500. To show your support for their hard work, click on this link -- -- then select Grade Level – High School 9-12. Both Juvenile Justice entries can be viewed here. Once you have viewed the entries, vote for your favorite by clicking on Vote for this entry. The contest ends on Dec. 8.

Laura Nozedar, Communications Specialist