Theft Prevention: Tips for Securing Your Home

Door with glass broken
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - 10:15am

Your home is your greatest monetary asset and you should take steps to ensure its safety. Good safety measures are habit forming, and law enforcement experts from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety came up with some easy to follow tips for securing your home to help keep it safe.

Install a security system with security cameras

Obtaining a security system is easier than ever today and are available at various costs and levels of protection. They can be purchased at big-box stores for self-installation, or there are a variety of security system businesses to select as a service provider. Whichever route you take, find a system that will monitor your home while you are there and away that features video surveillance. 

Secure doors and windows

It sounds simple, but make sure all doors and windows are locked and secure. The door frames should be strong and hinges should be protected. If the door does not have a deadbolt lock, install one. A glass break sensor is a nice option to have with your security system for added protection with windows. Thorny plants planted underneath windows are also a deterrent for a possible burglar. 

Make your home look occupied

Utilize smart home devices to schedule your lights to turn on when you are not at home. You can also use them to turn on a TV or to play music. Noise is a good deterrent for potential burglars to think you are at home.

Green house with lights on at duskUse outside lighting

Burglars like to find homes and businesses where they will not be seen committing their crime. In other words, they like to find dark, poorly lit areas. So, make sure outside your home has plenty of exterior lights. Install lighting around corners, near garages and even around flower beds. Maintain landscaping that may block lighting or create locations for burglars to hide.

What about the garage?

There are plenty valuables and equipment stored in your garage. You want to keep the garage door locked and the door to the house locked as well. Try to avoid objects being seen through the door windows if possible. If your garage door uses a security code, NEVER share it or enter it in front of someone who does not live in the home. You can also use a sensor to alert you that the garage door has been opened.

Schedule security checks

Contact your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office. Many offer a home security check program for residencets who may be away from their home for extended periods of time.

Lock down your Wi-Fi

It’s not brick and mortar, but protecting your cyber home is just as important. Lock down your home’s Wi-Fi with a password. A weak password could allow others to access your router and conduct illegal activity through it. A strong password makes this more difficult.

Social Media Safety

While away on vacations or extended periods of time, limit postings on social media of your absence. You may want to avoid “check- ins” or wait until your return before posting photos from you trip.

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