Get the most out of a DPS Career Fair

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 1:38pm

Attending a Department of Public Safety career fair is a wonderful chance for you to learn about employment opportunities within the department. Positions vary from engineers to State Highway Patrol troopers to IT professionals to special agents and many more. DPS has representatives from its divisions to share the various career options available. Before attending, read over our tips to help make the most of your time spent at a DPS career fair. 

Dress to impress

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Wear an outfit that is appropriate for the position you are looking to be hired. If you are looking for a desk position business professional attire might be appropriate, while business casual attire could be more suited for a position away from a desk. Dressing appropriately is the easiest way to make a solid first impression for the position you want.

Bring copies of your resume

Have multiple copies of your resume on hand with you. When you meet the recruiters, share your experience and qualifications with them. You want to help them remember who you are. Show them why you are a good fit for their agency with your skills and experience highlighted and explained in your resume.

Prepare and research the attending agencies

Learn about who is attending the career fair and about their mission. Recruiters will be impressed to see that you have an understanding of the agency and responsibilities of the position. Have a prepared list of questions ready to ask the recruiter. Asking questions not only shows your interest, but also demonstrates you have taken time to research their agency. Remember, you want to make a name for yourself and standout among other attendees.

Have a pitch for yourself

Practice an introduction about yourself that includes your knowledge and skills. This will be an easy way to speak with the recruiter about their agency and how it fits into your career interests and qualifications.

Ask for their card and follow up

Ask the recruiter you spoke with for their business card. You will want to send them a thank you note for their time. It also opens a dialog between you and the recruiter after the event. Remember, you want to stand out among the crowd, and this will help them remember your name. Lastly, sending thank you notes is a good professional habit.

Make the most of your time at a DPS career fair by preparing ahead of time. It is an opportunity for you to shine and stand out above the other attendees. For more information on Careers That Matter within DPS contact a recruiter at:



Dabney Weems