Women's History Month Spotlight - Jacqueline Murphy

Author: Kirsten Barber

For Women’s History Month, the Department of Public Safety is spotlighting employees who have gone above and beyond – either through their job or in their free time – to support safety and healing in their communities. Find more inspiring stories here.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Murphy has been inspiring members of the NCDPS family for 26 years. From her early years as a probation and parole officer in Mecklenburg County to her current role as assistant judicial division administrator, coworkers have regarded Murphy as a consummate professional and a valuable member of the Community Corrections division.

A graduate of North Carolina Central University, Murphy put her criminal justice degree to work initially as a probation and parole officer. She has risen steadily in her career since, serving as a chief probation/parole officer, then assistant judicial manager, judicial district manager and now assistant judicial division administrator for Division 3. Along the way, she squeezed in time to complete the department’s Correctional Leadership Development Program and earn a Master of Justice Administration degree from Methodist College.

During her career, Murphy has broken down barriers in her standing not only as a woman in leadership, but also as a woman in law enforcement. She is the first African American female to serve as a manager in Judicial District 27 and the first African American female to serve as either division administrator or assistant division administrator within Community Corrections.

In her spare time, Murphy leads the outreach ministry at her church, The Gate Ministries. She takes the church’s motto, “Enter to Worship; Exit to Serve,” to heart and puts action behind those words. As part of the work with the outreach ministry, she works with homeless women in Charlotte. 

“Working in this capacity fills the void I miss as a probation officer through working, giving and doing my duty to the community,” explained Murphy.

Her strong and competent leadership has been recognized across the state and her passion for people is always on display in whatever setting she is placed.  

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