MEDIA ADVISORY: Governor's Crime Commission Quarterly Meeting


What: Governor's Crime Commission Quarterly Meeting

When: Thursday, Dec. 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Governor’s Crime Commission, First Floor Conference Room, 1201 Front St., Raleigh

Raise the Age Initiative Updates       DPS Deputy Secretary for Juvenile Justice William Lassiter
Sanford School of Public
Policy Study Report Update              GCC Vice Chairman Cal Cunningham
Duke University Presentation            Lead Researcher Caitlin Saunders

NC Conference of District Attorneys
                                                          Director Peg Dorer
                                                          Deputy Director Karen Wood
                                                          Chief Resource Prosecutor Kimberly Overton
                                                          Violence Against Women Resource Prosecutor Amber Barwick
                                                          Child Abuse Resource Prosecutor Julia Hejazi

The Governor’s Crime Commission members make recommendations to the governor and the secretary of the Department of Public Safety on federal grants for the state's criminal justice system, crime victims' services and juvenile justice. Federal block grants are awarded each year to government, education and social service agencies to start new and innovative programs and to continue efforts to reduce crime.

Contact: Margaret Ekam, Communications Operation Manager,; 919-733-5027


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