Juvenile Justice Basic Training Graduation Ceremony Held in Salemburg


Nineteen students graduated from Juvenile Justice Basic Training during a ceremony held on Friday, June 28, at the N.C. Justice Academy in Salemburg.

Basic training is designed for newly hired professionals within the Division of Juvenile Justice and must be completed during the first year of employment. Upon completion of the program, participants must successfully pass a certified state exam before being administered the Oath of Office as a Juvenile Justice Officer or Juvenile Court Counselor.

Juvenile Justice Basic Class 03 Class Year 2013 (JJ03-CY2013) began on June 3, 2013, as a combined class consisting of both juvenile justice officers and juvenile court counselors at the N.C. Justice Academy in Salemburg. The students completed 2.5 weeks of combined training receiving 102 hours of instruction in the core areas of Administrative and Juvenile Management, Officer and Juvenile Relations, Defensive Protection, Medical Concerns and Protection.

The final week and half of training consisted of courses specifically related to the student’s job assignments. Ten students continued in the Juvenile Justice Officer training program and eleven continued in the Juvenile Court Counselor training program.

The Juvenile Justice Officer training program objectives provided those participants hired to work with youth in custody the opportunity to enhance and acquire basic knowledge, skills and abilities related to adolescent development, institutional programming and treatment interventions to improve the youths’ overall functioning and decrease involvement in offending behavior upon re-entry into the community.

The Juvenile Court Counselor curriculum training objectives provided training participants hired to work in the community with undisciplined or delinquent youth the essential knowledge, skills and abilities needed to protect the public through the use of effective treatment approaches and interventions aimed at decreasing juvenile crime.

Juvenile justice officers who were eligible to take the certification exam include: Terry Colaire; Robert Dees; Kimberly Edwards; Tony Foster; Eboni Foust; Shareef Hameed; Salwah Holder-Lucky; Voris McBurnette; Robert Melton; and Julian Miller.

Juvenile court counselors who were eligible to take the certification exam include: Tamiko Barnes; Dane Cardwell; Stacy Clark; Edward Hall; Penny Johnson-Brittain; Brian Matlock; Shanita Peterson; Linda Pierce; Julie Sarver; Tommy Seedorf; and Cory Wills.

The DPS Office of Staff Development and Training provides basic training to the Division of Juvenile Justice.


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