Eleven New State Capitol Police Officers Sworn In

Group of State Capitol Police and judge at swearing ceremony

Eleven new officers with the State Capitol Police were sworn in on Monday in a formal ceremony at the Justice Building in Raleigh. 

Officers Kamille Brown-Thomas, Jean Caquias, Mark Coyne, David George, James “Bryant” Gibson, Justin Guthrie, Stephen Hall, Jason Kane, Randy Nelson, Richard Taylor, and Deputy Chief Roger “Chip” Hawley were all welcomed to the agency by Chief Glen Allen, who provided opening remarks. 

“These officers have a wealth of training and experience, which makes them valuable additions to our agency,” said Chief Allen. “I’m proud to welcome them to State Capitol Police and to have them join our team.”

The oath of office was administered by North Carolina Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Paul M. Newby.

Shortly after the ceremony, Justice Newby and Chief Allen met with the officers and their families to congratulate them. 



In photo, left to right: Officers David George, Jr., Justin Guthrie, Richard Taylor, Jr., James “Bryant” Gibson, Mark Coyne, Chief Glen B. Allen, Senior Associate Justice Paul M. Newby, Deputy Chief Roger “Chip” Hawley, Officers Jean Caquias, Jason Kane, Stephen Hall, Kamille Brown-Thomas, and Randy Nelson after the officers were sworn in.

Additional photos available for media broadcasts.


State Capitol Police, a division of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, in addition to providing a safe and secure environment within the North Carolina State Government Complex, investigates crimes within its jurisdiction and monitors emergency alarms at state-owned facilities 24/7 across North Carolina and directs emergency responders as needed. 

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