Monday, June 22, 2020

State Capitol Police Arrest Man for Inciting a Riot on Capitol Grounds, Among Other Charges

Jun 22, 2020

Conrad Paul James, 27, is charged with inciting a riot (felony), 1st degree trespass, resisting an officer and injury to personal property, according to arrest warrants. The warrants are for events that took place on State Capitol Grounds on Friday and Sunday nights.  One of the charges, inciting a riot, is in connection with the events of Friday night that included the damage done to two monuments.

“According to the arresting officer, last night the suspect jumped the fence around the Three Presidents monument in Union Square and failed to go back to the other side of the fence after being told to do so several times,” said State Capitol Police Chief Chip Hawley. “The arresting officer reported that after being placed under arrest, the suspect began to resist, kicking violently at the officer and the officer’s patrol vehicle, causing damage to it. Further investigation concluded the suspect was also a suspect in the events involving the monuments at the capitol Friday night.”
Conrad Paul James was confined in the Wake County Detention Center in lieu of $55,000 secured bond.

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