SHP Members Promoted During Private Ceremony


The State Highway Patrol highlighted the promotion of 71 sworn and 12 civilian members today during a private ceremony held at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary. The event was conducted in celebration of those who received a promotion throughout 2020. 
The ceremony began with an invocation provided by Pastor Steve Stadtmiller and the singing of the national anthem by Sergeant Brent M. Tyler. Remarks were provided by Col. Glenn M. McNeill, Jr. who commended each promotee on their newly assigned rank.  

“Today, each of you will transition to a new level of responsibility within our beloved organization,” said McNeill. “Your achievement of rising into supervision is not to be taken lightly as those you oversee will greatly depend on your leadership from this day forward.”

The promotees were administered their oath of office by Associate Justice Anita Earls of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Lt. Col. Jeff Gordon then spoke to those receiving civilian promotions, recognizing their unwavering support of the Highway Patrol’s mission. The event was concluded by Pastor Stadtmiller who offered the benediction. 

As a result of safety concerns associated with the current pandemic, universal COVID-19 precautions were conducted throughout the event. These efforts included multiple rank specific promotional sessions, the mandated use of mask by everyone in attendance and increased social distancing when applicable. In an effort to celebrate each member’s success with family, friends and the public, the ceremony will be posted to SHP’s social media platforms for viewing. 

The attached spreadsheet reflects the previous and new ranks/duty stations of those receiving a promotion. 


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