ABC Permits Suspended Following ALE Investigation


Following a months-long ALE investigation, a Lenoir business’ ABC permits have been suspended for numerous drug and gambling violations.

ALE and the Lenoir Police Department initiated an investigation into Gamewell Superette, an ABC-licensed convenience store in Lenoir, after receiving complaints of illegal drug activity and gambling occurring on the licensed premises.

Through the course of the investigation, ALE special agents found employees were involved in the illegal sale of methamphetamine and heroin, and the business was operating illegal slot machines. As a result, on Friday, Oct. 29th, state and local authorities executed a search warrant at the business.

In 2019, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law directing the ABC Commission to summarily suspend ABC permits issued to any business after an ALE investigation revealed certain crimes had been committed. Due to the negative impact the business had on the surrounding community, ALE special agents requested assistance from the ABC Commission to immediately suspend Gamewell Superette’s ABC permits. 

“Our special agents focus on problem ABC-licensed and illegal establishments that serve as havens for violence, drugs and other criminal activity.” said Bryan House, Director of ALE. “We are hopeful the criminal charges brought against individuals in this case as well as the suspension of ABC permits at this business will make this community safer.”

The investigation is ongoing and charges are forthcoming.

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