Thursday, October 20, 2022

Operation Concludes Undercover ALE Investigation

Oct 20, 2022

Last night concluded a ten-month long investigation with state and local law enforcement arresting 11 individuals on over 450 drug, alcohol, gambling, and weapons charges.

The multi-agency operation addressed drugs, the illegal sales of alcohol and gambling from ABC-licensed businesses in the Raleigh area.

Last December, ALE received numerous complaints of illegal drug and gambling activity at two ABC-licensed businesses, Bucks Billiards, at 1102 Buck Jones Road in Raleigh, and Break Time Billiards, at 6442 Tryon Road in Cary. As the investigation progressed, special agents found numerous individuals, including employees, were using, selling, and distributing illegal drugs inside the businesses.

In June 2022, Bucks Billiards closed, but reopened under the name Benny’s Billiards and Sports Bar at 932 NE Maynard Road in Cary.

On Wednesday, October 19, ALE and Wake County Board of Alcoholic Control Law Enforcement Division served 11 arrest warrants and executed three search warrants, which resulted in more than 400 felony charges. The investigation resulted in the seizure of $39, 000.00, marijuana, powder cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy tablets, Adderall pills, 1,000 dosage units of LSD, non-taxpaid liquor, one vehicle and two firearms.

As a result of the investigation, ALE will submit reports to the ABC Commission documenting the violations at Break Time Billiards and Benny’s Billiards and Sports Bar which could result in a fine, suspension or revocation of ABC permits.

“ALE special agents work to address problem alcohol establishments that serve as havens for crime.” said Bryan House, Director of ALE. “This investigation revealed unlawful and dangerous activity was regularly occurring at these businesses and needed to be addressed. We are hopeful these actions result in a safer community.”

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