Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Final Judgment Ordered in Yadkin County Nuisance Case

Mar 22, 2023

Recently, Wilkes County Superior Court Judge Michael Duncan signed a consent judgment for a Chapter 19 Nuisance Abatement action against Indigo Hospitality One LLC, Tejalbahen Patel and Girishbhai Patel, the property owners of America’s Best Value Inn, 5702 Hwy 21, Yadkinville, North Carolina.

The judgment was the final step in a civil nuisance abatement case brought by the county of Yadkin on behalf of the State of North Carolina. Chapter 19 of the North Carolina General Statutes defines “nuisance” activities and provides for a civil remedy to abate such criminal acts and their detrimental impacts on the community. This investigation began with a collaborative decision between the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office and Yadkin County Commissioners.

“For years, this location has served as a hotspot for criminal activity, constantly draining law enforcement resources, negatively impacting the community and fostered criminal behavior by creating a refuge for nefarious activity,” said Yadkin County Sheriff Nick Smitherman. “I am encouraged by this lawsuit. This Order should provide much-needed relief for the citizens of Yadkin County. Additionally, I would like to thank the ALE Nuisance Abatement Team for partnering with us to address this very important issue.”

Under the terms of this judgment, the owners of America’s Best Value Inn, along with any future owners of the property, are prohibited from operating or maintaining a public nuisance, as defined by Chapter 19 of the N. C. General Statutes at this location. Furthermore, Indigo Hospitality One LLC and its corporate members are prohibited from operating or maintaining a nuisance property anywhere in North Carolina. In addition, it imposes a more thorough guest screening process, limits access to the property to only bona fide guests, and restricts unwelcome patrons from trespassing upon the property. If the property owner does not follow the conditions of this judgment, the property could be subject to forfeiture.

Kevin Austin, Chairman of the Yadkin County Board of Commissioners expressed his gratitude for the effort and outcome of this investigation. “This long overdue solution is a result of an outstanding joint effort between Yadkin County officials and members of the ALE Nuisance Abatement Team. I hope this judgment puts other property owners on notice that we will not tolerate nuisance activity in Yadkin County.”

The investigation and information gathered for the lawsuit was a joint effort between the community, the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office, Yadkin County Legal Counsel and members of the NC Alcohol Law Enforcement’s Nuisance Abatement Team. Alcohol Law Enforcement Nuisance Abatement Team partners with local law enforcement and community members to conduct thorough investigations utilizing Chapter 19 of the North Carolina General Statutes.




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