Operation Arrow nets 64 arrests in Guilford County Weapons, drugs and cash seized from wanted persons and probation absconders

Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies joined forces this week in Guilford County for Operation Arrow, a four-day operation than ran May 8-11 to serve outstanding criminal warrants and conduct searches of high-risk felons on probation or parole supervision.
Officers made 64 arrests, which included 37 absconders from probation or parole supervision. Firearms or ammunition were seized from 13 individuals who should not have possessed them and significant quantities of drugs and drug paraphernalia were confiscated during the week. Officers also seized more than $6,500 in cash. Officers were able to confirm that 14 wanted persons were deceased, and are working to clear those warrants. Additional arrests are possible as officers continue to pursue leads developed during the operation.
Participating agencies included the Greensboro Police Department, High Point Police Department, Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Community Corrections, North Carolina Department of Public Safety - Special Operations and Intelligence Unit and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Officers were supported by analysts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NC Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NC ISAAC).
“Creating safer communities takes a team effort, with cooperation of local, state and federal law enforcement and public safety agencies,” said Secretary Erik A. Hooks of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. “We are grateful to our probation officers and local and federal partners for their excellent work in Guilford County this week. They returned many probation absconders to justice and removed violent felons, drugs and guns from the streets.”
“This type of operation shows the commitment of law enforcement to keeping our communities safe and crime free,” said Guilford County Sheriff B.J. Barnes. “Every criminal, even those on probation, should know they will be held accountable for their actions. If you break the law, break your probation, we will be there and you will pay the price.”
“The Greensboro Police Department is proud to be a part of Operation Arrow, a multi-jurisdictional effort to take fugitives, high-risk offenders, and probation absconders off our streets,” said Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott. “This operation is one of many ways that on-going collaboration with other law enforcement partners helps reduce violence. The outcomes of these working relationships often go unnoticed by the people we protect and serve. The officers in these agencies diligently – yet quietly – coordinate among each other regularly to share information and solve crimes. Operation Arrow is a very visible mission that spotlights the strength and effectiveness of our mutual resolve to make our region safer.”
“The number one priority for all law enforcement is community safety and with that in mind, we are constantly looking for effective ways to focus on those who would cause harm to others,” said High Point Police Chief Kenneth J. Shultz. “Operation Arrow directly supported this effort and successfully resulted in the arrest of many who were wanted and who were a danger to citizens throughout the region. In addition, the effort led to new charges for weapons and drug violations, all of which directly impacts community safety. Partnerships and efforts such as those undertake with this project are paramount to our success and demonstrates what can be accomplish as we work together to make our citizens safer.”

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