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Intensive Intervention Services Request For Proposals (RFP) FY 2024-25

The Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Community Programs section ensures that every community in North Carolina has access to a continuum of services for its juvenile population. The continuum of services includes those services titled Intensive Intervention Services under Session Law 2020-83.

Intensive Intervention Services are evidence-based or research-supported community-based or residential services that are necessary for a juvenile in order to (1) prevent the juvenile's commitment to a youth development center or detention facility, or (2) facilitate the juvenile's successful return to the community following commitment. Intensive Intervention Services shall be used for the purpose of providing intensive intervention services for juveniles of any disposition level, based on the needs of the juvenile, as ordered pursuant to G.S. 7B-2506.

With the Raise the Age legislation in effect, an increasingly important piece of the continuum in DJJDP is intensive intervention services. All adjudicated juveniles ages 10 and up, including juveniles who are ages 18 to 21 and still under the jurisdiction of juvenile court, may be accepted by Intensive Intervention Services, as appropriate for the proposed model. 

  • The Division reserves the right to release RFPs that are location or program type specific based on priority needs identified. 
  • DJJDP identified program priorities within this RFP for the Intensive Intervention Services Fiscal Year 2024-25. These priorities were based on gaps and needs that were identified for the juvenile population through various avenues. Vendors responding to this RFP are not limited to these program priorities in their response. 
  • Details regarding the prioritized programs are included in the RFP. 
  • All requirements of this RFP posting must be met in order to be eligible for funding. 
  • Responses close at 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 29, 2024.

Intensive Intervention Services RFP Frequently Asked Questions: This document includes frequently asked questions from previous years regarding the Intensive Intervention Services RFP. The document will be updated as questions are received from providers during this response period.  

FY 24-25 Intensive Intervention Services Request for Proposals

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