Law Enforcement Support Services


The DPS Law Enforcement Support Services office, created in 1994, provides excess Department of Defense equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies to use in law enforcement activities.

The DPS LESS office works in conjunction with members of the U.S. Department of Defense Logistics Agency to administer and execute the federal 1033 program, which increases the capabilities of law enforcement agencies across North Carolina, while reducing costs to taxpayers.

The DPS LESS office team provides service to the law enforcement community by training N.C. law enforcement personnel in the program, while approving and transferring excess property from federal stocks to local agencies. While the program can provide controlled property such as weapons, tactical equipment and vehicles, it can also provide non-controlled property such as office equipment, and training and support items.

The DPS LESS office currently supports more than 184 active law enforcement agencies in the program, representing an asset value of $50.9 million in controlled property and general property.