Update: Escapee back in custody


Contact: Jerry Higgins, communications officer, Gerald.Higgins@ncdps.gov

Update: Escapee back in custody. The Prison Emergency Response Team took him into custody just after 10:00 a.m. DPS appreciates the assistance of the Benson Police Department and other local law enforcement. (Details about the inmate below.)


Escaped Inmate Being Sought in Johnston County

BENSON - Prison emergency response teams and local law enforcement are searching for escaped inmate Daroyl Little Jr. (#1281702). A minimum custody inmate, Little was last seen around 1:00 this morning at Greene Correctional Institution.

Little, 23, was a minimum custody inmate serving a sentence for habitual felony breaking and entering. His projected release date was November 2018.

Prisons initiated escape procedures and is working with local law enforcement to locate him. If anyone has any information on Little's whereabouts, please call 911 or call Greene Correctional Institution at (252) 747-3676.


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