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Proudly housed under Emergency Management, RAI services are confidential and provided as a no-cost benefit to North Carolina Department of Public Safety sworn and non-sworn employees. Our team is staffed with licensed mental health professionals, wellness coordinators, and professionally trained peers.

Peer support and consultation is available to all North Carolina first responder agencies.


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Access to care that aligns with the unique needs of the responder community.

  • Free, confidential behavioral health services
  • Individual therapy
  • In person or virtual sessions available
  • New Client Information
    • Patient Portal coming soon.
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Gold-standard and professionally trained Peer Consultants to represent the broader public safety domains to include DPS law enforcement, municipal law enforcement, fire, EM, EMS, and dispatch. 

  • Leadership consultation
  • Critical incident support
  • Peer training

Reduce barriers and stigma to improve access and positive mental health and wellness outcomes.  

  • We use live, virtual, and mobile platforms to connect with first responders and to provide opportunities on a variety of mental health and wellness topics.
  • Deployment of Mobile Resiliency Units (MRUs)
  • Wellness interventions
  • Training and education
  • Stress management
  • Resiliency coaching
  • Suicide prevention

Contact: (866) 731-6901


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Trusted partners are those individuals or agencies who have worked in collaboration with Responder Assistance Initiative through direct support to uphold our mission and values.  We appreciate their commitment to the public safety community.

Couples and Marriage Resources

Education and Research

Responder Assistance Initiative (RAI) Mission, Vision & Goals


Leading a holistic initiative that leverages partnerships to reduce stigma, promote resiliency, and bring evidence-based support to North Carolina public safety personnel.


A sustainable continuum of wellness resources that connects North Carolina first responders to an integrated safety net of gold standard peer teams and trusted professionals.


  • Remove barriers with accessing care in the first responder community 
  • Increase first responder resiliency and readiness in North Carolina 
  • Bolster prevention and early intervention resources for the responder population 
  • Standardize best practice protocols for peer support, clinical and spiritual intervention 

About Us

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The North Carolina Department of Public Safety identified a strategy that prioritizes first responder wellbeing by leading a comprehensive initiative that aims to unify responder support systems. NCDPS, through the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, is leveraging the value of the Responder Assistance Initiative (RAI) to reach responder groups through coordinated protocols and best practices that integrate peer team providers, embedded behavioral health clinicians, mental health treatment services and professional resources at the highest level.

This initiative began in 2019 with a two-year, $4.3 million federal Department of Justice grant managed by the Governor’s Crime Commission, with 80% federal and 20% state funds providing the initial funding for the development and implementation of Integrated Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) a program designed to provide a mechanism for the integration of and access to medical and non-medical behavioral health support systems that serve DPS staff members and their families. Specifically, the program focused on serving those who work in high stress work environments and who are regularly exposed to threats and violence in the workplace. Twenty full-time employees mobilized to build the program and meet the need, accomplishing a five-year plan in two short years. In 2021, the program was written into the state budget and subsequently signed by the governor to authorize appropriated funding for the program.

In the same year, the 2021 Appropriations Act created the Department of Adult Corrections, removing the Division of Adult Corrections from DPS effective January 1, 2023. In the advent of this separation, a framework for the future of IBHS began to unfold and the program was rebranded as the Responder Assistance Initiative and is now housed in the Division of Emergency Management.

For consultations, peer support, or mental health and wellness appointments, please call:

RAI’s Information and Resource Line 866-731-6901

This confidential, toll-free line provides access to peer support, wellness resources, and clinical support. The line is staffed Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM by RAI providers.  You will be asked to leave a brief message with your name and number. This is not a crisis line.  If you, or the person you are calling about is in imminent danger or has a suicidal or homicidal situation, call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

If you would like to reach out directly to anyone our team, please feel free to do so.  Emails and calls will be responded to during regular business hours.  



Work Email


Chad Jordan Director 984-297-1387
Jodi Salamino Deputy Director 984-269-2324
Aaron Back Peer Consultant 919-501-8065
Christy Chapin Administrative Officer  
Kim Morris Clinician  
Robert Heubel Clinician  
Cheryl Corbin Clinical  
Sarah Smith Clinician Ops Manager (Interim)  
Jasmin Young-Bradshaw Clinician  
DeChanile Brooks Clinician  
Beth Nelson Clinician  
Stephanie Mendelson Clinician  
Laura Hummel Clinician  
Leonard Williams Wellness Coordinator (East)  
Patty Hirsch Wellness Coordinator (West)