Communications Office

The Communications staff works to ensure the people of North Carolina are informed and knowledgeable about programs, events and conditions affecting their safety and well-being. Staff works to provide timely and accurate information to news media and to inform the public of emergency action steps to be taken during natural or man-made disasters.

Members of the Communications Office respond to media inquiries, write speeches and press releases and produce educational materials. 

Communications staff members are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week assisting members of the news media either by phone or at the scenes of incidents.  When necessary, communications staff prepare and distribute news releases and arrange for news conferences.

Nuclear drills are held every two years for four nuclear plants, three in North Carolina and one just beyond the border in South Carolina.  The Communications Office is a major player in those drills by setting up a joint information center to help inform the public on events and any necessary protective action the state recommends.

  Public Information Officers at Nuclear Drill