Bryan House in front of blue background

Bryan House

Director, Alcohol Law Enforcement

Bryan House was named director of the Alcohol Law Enforcement in December 2019 shortly after ALE was re-established as a division within NCDPS.

A Johnston County native, House became an ALE special agent in 1999 attending the 14th ALE Special Agent Academy and has since served as a task force agent with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, commander of ALE’s special response team, special agent in charge of Professional Standards, and senior special agent in charge overseeing ALE Operations. House is a specialized instructor and holds certifications for Subject Control and Arrest Techniques as well as Physical Fitness through the NC Criminal Justice Standards Division. 

House holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from East Carolina University and attended the Virginia School of Polygraph and the West Point Leadership Program at Methodist University. He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police, and the North Carolina Police Executives Association.