Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

Central Engineering provides expert technical, engineering, architectural and construction services for the Department of Public Safety to improve and maintain the physical plant and to protect the citizens, employees, inmates and the environment of the State of North Carolina.

In providing quality products and services, our activities will ensure compliance with all applicable codes, regulations and legislative mandates while creating the opportunity for inmate rehabilitation through job training. Goals and Performance Objectives

The primary goal of Central Engineering is to provide a quality product that meets or exceeds recognized standards while providing a value to the customer. Quality products will be achieved through continuous adherence to the objectives and performance criteria for Customer Service, Productivity, Employee Safety, Employee Training and Standards Development. All employees shall take professional pride and accountability for products produced.

Customer Service - Central Engineering will provide responsive, courteous and enthusiastic solutions to customer requests, projects and problems. This section will strive to build a professional reputation based on confidence, dependability and efficiency.

Productivity - Central Engineering's employees shall strive to achieve a level of efficiency, accuracy and quality of services that promotes customer satisfaction and outstanding employee performance.

Employee Safety - Central Engineering has adopted the “Safety First” principle and strives to ensure that the work environment is free of recognized hazards likely to cause injury or death. Every employee shall understand and comply with current safety regulations and use common sense thus reducing the threat of danger, risk or personal harm in the performance of duties.

Employee Training - Central Engineering's employee training objective is to provide all employees with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and enhance their ability to grow beyond their current position. Well trained/skilled employees are better equipped to provide quality products and services as well as the expertise to implement progressive techniques and innovative ideas for improvement.

Standards Development - Central Engineering is committed to developing and maintaining standard policies and procedures so that employees have a clear understanding of the guidelines for completing tasks and adhering to administrative guidelines. Policies and procedure manuals shall be made readily available to employees for reference. Standards shall be fairly and equitably enforced on a continuous basis.

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