Public Records Requests


The North Carolina Department of Public Safety is committed to transparency and will furnish all requested public records as promptly as possible.

Under North Carolina public records law  General Statute §132 and various other statutes, certain personal or confidential information is not public, and must be redacted or protected. We are not required to create a record that does not exist, nor compile a record or records in any format that does not already exist.

Making your request as exact as possible including names, dates, and specific search terms will help expedite fulfilling your request. Please allow additional time to review/redact very large requests. Excessively large requests will be provided in batches as they are completed.

We will provide electronic copies unless otherwise requested. Many public records are already available online without making a public records request. 


Submit a Public Records Request

If you are a member of the media working under a deadline, please include this information in your request.

Frequently Asked Questions