Licensing Process

The following information outlines the requirements necessary to receive an Alarm Systems Business License from the Alarm Systems Licensing Board. In addition, license applicants are responsible for complying N.C. G.S. 74-D, and the Board's administrative rules and regulations, 14B N.C.A.C. 17.

Requirements for Obtaining a License

All applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age with a high school degree or equivalent.
  • Be a US citizen or a resident alien.
  • Be of good moral character with temperate habits (no criminal record).

Burglar Alarm Business License:

Burglar Alarm Experience - Applicant must establish to the Board's satisfaction two years experience within the past five years in alarm systems installation, service or alarm systems business management. If the applicant cannot establish this experience, the applicant must provide verification of completion of the North Carolina Electronic Security Association "Certified Alarm Technician Level I" course.

To apply for the course, you may contact the North Carolina Electronic Security Association at 919-459-2079 for information.

Low Voltage Experience - An applicant or an employee of the company in which the applicant intends to do business, must hold a North Carolina Electrical Contractors License in one of the following categories: Unlimited, Limited, Intermediate or SP-Low Voltage. If the applicant does not hold one of the above licenses or the company does not employ an individual with one of the above licenses, the applicant should contact the N.C. State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors at (919) 733-9042 to apply for one of the above licenses.

Applying for a Burglar Alarm Business License

If after reviewing the above requirements, you determine that you qualify for a license, you will need to read and maintain a copy of the below Alarm System Licensing Board General Statute; Administrative Laws and Rules.

N.C.G.S. 74D
14B N.C.A.C. 17

All the below forms are required to apply for a Burglar Alarm Business License. When you are ready to submit your complete licensing application packet; mail it to our administrative office; Alarm System Licensing Board, 3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27609.

Only mail your application packet to our office when it is complete including the completed fingerprint card, required forms listed below along with required items that you must supply listed on the Business License Information Letter and the Burglar Alarm License Application. Failure to submit all required items will result in a discrepancy letter and it will uphold your licensing process.

Burglar Alarm Business License Information (This for informational purposes only, not to be mailed to our office)

A fingerprint card is required to be mailed along with the application packet. Please e-mail Board Secretary Cynthia Anthony at in order to request a fingerprint card. You will need to provide a mailing address when requesting the fingerprint card.

Application for Burglar Alarm License (Required)

Authorization for Release of Records (Required) (This form has to be notarized)

Authority for Release of Information (Required)

Application for Company Business License (Sole Proprietorship companies are not required to obtain the ASL Company Business License, all other types are required to submit this form) (This form has to be notarized)

The Personal Reference Questionnaire is to be completed by each of the references you have listed on your application for Burglar Alarm License. The questionnaire is to be completed by the reference(s) only and must be mailed in with your application packet to the Alarm Systems Licensing Board, 3101 Industrial Drive, Ste 104, Raleigh, NC 27609. (Required to be completed by each of the five personal character references.)

If you wish to have the application packet mailed to you from our office in lieu of printing out all the required forms above, contact Board Secretary Cynthia Anthony ( and state that you are requesting to have the entire packet mailed to you.