Slamming is the illegal practice of someone else changing your long-distance telephone provider without your consent. This change can be made by a new long-distance company or a telemarketer whose goal is to trick consumers into switching companies. You may never be contacted about this change by the provider.

How to avoid being slammed:

  • Never sign anything without reading it carefully. Don't sign cash bonus checks or respond to contest offers without reading the fine print. You may be changing telephone companies and not know it.
  • If you receive a phone call about long distance or local toll service, ask questions about which service they're offering and at what cost. Find out what you're paying now and compare offers.
  • If you haven't switched services but receive a letter or postcard verifying a switch, notify the sender that you did not authorize the change.
  • Read your phone bill carefully each month. If you see any unfamiliar names or changes you can't identify, call the company issuing the charges or your local phone company.

If you are slammed:

  • Call your local phone provider at the customer service number on your bill to have your service switched back.
  • Call the company that slammed you and ask for proof that you authorized a switch. Tell them you'll only pay the charges your preferred carrier would have charged.
  • You can also call the company you were switched from, tell them you were slammed and ask to be reconnected. There should be no charge to reconnect.
  • Report this activity to the Utilities Commission’s public staff at 919-733-9277 or the NC Department of Justice at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.