Location: Delco, Columbus County, NC

Oversight: This program receives funding and/or oversight by DPS.

Length of service: 1 to 3 months

A direct and family centered approach to empower parents by providing positive parenting skills and strategies to reduce juvenile behavior problems and strengthen families; The program will focus on skills related to conflict resolution, anger management, and appropriate parent/child roles and expectations.

Problem Areas Addressed:

  • Family - family relationship quality
  • Family - parenting skills
  • School - school behavior
  • Community and peers - anti-social influences
  • Community and peers - community
  • Aggression - bullying/threatening
  • Aggression - violence (physical aggression)
  • Attitudes - attitudes toward authority
  • Attitudes - victim awareness
  • Skills - self-regulation skills
  • Skills - social skills
  • Employment and free time - free time

Minimum Age Served: 10
Maximum Age Served: : 17
Target Gender: : All

After Hours Availability:


Enrollment Requirement: :

  • Interview
  • Referral form

Counties Served:


Program Classification:

Individual and Family Life
> Individual and Family Support Services
--> Parenting Skills Strengthening Families

Payment Type:

  • No charge