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Contact: 910-754-4233 ,

Location: Supply, Brunswick County, NC

Oversight: This program receives funding and/or oversight by DPS.

Length of service: 1 to 3 months

Coastal Aggression Replacement Training is a multi-modal 10-week class for youth who have moderate to serious interpersonal problem behaviors, and who as a result, have chronic suspension, expulsions, truancy, or absences from school, and/or who maintain company with negative or delinquent peers and/or who may need further mental health intervention. This program will also address non physical aggressive behaviors related to bullying behavior, teasing, and electronic media aggression.

Problem Areas Addressed:

  • School - school behavior
  • School - performance
  • School - school attachment
  • Community and peers - anti-social influences
  • Community and peers - community
  • Aggression - violence (physical aggression)
  • Attitudes - victim awareness
  • Attitudes - attitudes toward authority

Minimum Age Served: 10
Maximum Age Served: : 15
Target Gender: : All

After Hours Availability:


Enrollment Requirement: :

  • Interview
  • Referral form

Counties Served:


Program Classification:

Individual and Family Life
> Individual and Family Support Services
--> Interpersonal Skill Building

Payment Type:

  • No charge