DPS Dispatch

Should youthful mistakes forever alter a person’s chances of living a successful and productive life?

It’s a deceptively simple question, but the answer is complicated.

There’s no better way to broaden one’s horizons than to travel and see the world. 

Sizzling sounds and delightful smells filled the air at Cumberland Juvenile Detention Center on Jan. 20, as the facility hosted its inaugural Junior Chef Competition finale.

In 2017, when North Carolina joined a growing number of states in raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction to include 16- and 17-year-olds, the Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention entered new territory.

Winter weather is upon us, and the State Capitol Police want to make sure that no one gets left out in the cold and are, instead, giving out warm winter clothing to those in need.

On Thursday, December 15, State Capitol Police Class-1 cadets graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Academy offered through Wake Technical Community College located in Raleigh, NC.

N.C. Correctional Institution for Women's offenders give their time to make Christmas cheer.

Columbus, Forsyth, Orange and Carteret correctional facilities earn exemplary audit scores.

In black robes and mortarboards over tan prison uniforms, 13 offenders graduated from the Field Ministers program Wednesday at Nash Correctional Institution.

As the year comes to an end and we celebrate the holidays with family, it is important not to let our guard down around our homes, while driving and even online.

The North Carolina State Capitol Police force headquartered in downtown Raleigh is charged with providing a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors to the State Government Complex and other state-owned properties. To recognize the hard work and dedication of these officers, Governor Roy Cooper declared December 4 – 11, 2022, as State Capitol Police Officers’ Week in North Carolina.

When the Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act went into effect in 2019, the Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention faced a new challenge.

Hurricane Ian struck a devastating blow to southwest Florida before rolling through North Carolina with relatively minor impact. Several N.C. Emergency Management employees and North Carolina responders who originally had braced 

The training scenario — multiple escapees and hostages — required Prisons special teams from across the state to collaborate, making the sum greater than its individual, formidable parts.