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1. You live in hurricane, tornado, wildfire or blizzard hot spots (no pun intended), but have no emergency plan in place.

Discuss with your family how to stay safe in your home and where to go if you need to evacuate. Be sure to include pets in your plan.

We wrap up our recognition of Juvenile Justice week this afternoon with a spotlight on our Central Office staff. Central Office is the tie that binds it all together, housing budget, purchasing, IT, human resources, training, policy and management/oversight of Juvenile Justice.

It's TGIF -- and we are certainly thankful for the staff of Treatment Services during Juvenile Justice week and beyond. Mental health is a complex and pivotal segment of juvenile healthcare.

Education Services is charged with fulfilling all state and federal mandates of a traditional school system for youths committed to state juvenile facilities.

Today the Juvenile Justice week spotlight is on Health Services, the team that is dedicated to meeting the health and health education needs of the youths in juvenile justice facilities.

As Juvenile Justice week continues today, we turn our attention to Juvenile Facility Operations. Staff in this unit operates two types of secure commitment centers for youths in North Carolina: juvenile detention centers and youth development centers.

Employees in DPS’ Juvenile Community Programs unit work to provide North Carolinians with a comprehensive strategy to help prevent and reduce juvenile crime and delinquency.

We kick off our recognition of “Juvenile Justice” week with our Court Services unit.

Gov. Roy Cooper has proclaimed Oct. 15-21, 2017, as “Juvenile Justice” week in North Carolina.

The first five State Capitol Police Officers in 1967. Left to right: Needham Wilder, Ray Benson, Chief Ray Sorrell, Linwood Carter and Tommy Williams.

State Capitol Police Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Children who are housed temporarily in North Carolina’s juvenile detention centers find they are provided the opportunity to experience growth in many ways: from social, to educational, to emotional.

Some say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, in this case, SAYLOR, a three-year-old yellow lab, aims to become the best friend for children in the New Hanover Juvenile Detention Center.

A teacher is someone that not only teaches her students but inspires, transforms, prepares and encourages them to do more, be more.

This June, 16 students from Bertie County Schools graduated from high school, and embarked on  the next leg of a journey that began 18 months ago when they applied to be a part of the inaugural Public Safety Cadet program – an innovative program that aims to help more young residents of Bertie Co