Highway Patrol Announces Trooper Promotions Moving Forward Internal Investigation Concluded


The State Highway Patrol has announced it will be moving forward with its promotion process following the conclusion of an internal investigation as well as an investigation by North Carolina State University (NCSU). 

“Having personally reviewed the SHP investigative report, I can say the promotion scores and rankings were released before the promotion list was published. However, there is no evidence the integrity of the testing process itself was compromised,” SHP Colonel Glenn McNeill stated. 

In referencing the SHP investigative report, Colonel McNeill provided the following information: 

  • The confidentiality provisions with respect to the release of the promotion scores and list were breached when promotion scores and rankings were disclosed prior to the promotion list being published.  
  • The NCSU graduate student serving as the proctor for the process prematurely released the promotion scores and rankings.  
  • There is no evidence anyone disclosed or received test questions or answers.  
  • There is no evidence to substantiate any member of the Patrol cheated on the exam or otherwise violated policy.

As previously reported, the Patrol received an anonymous complaint in late June alleging the current promotion process had been compromised. Based on the serious nature of the allegation, Colonel McNeill immediately requested initiation of an internal investigation. In addition, the Patrol contacted the NCSU promotion process Program Administrator advising of the allegations and requesting they conduct an independent investigation. 
NCSU’s independent investigation concluded that while the promotion list was prematurely disclosed by the proctor, the list was still valid. 
In light of the above findings:

  • Effective immediately, the 2019-2020 promotion list, which is the list of individuals eligible for promotion, is being published. (Click for the promotion list.)   
  • The proctor is no longer affiliated with the promotion process.  
  • The promotion process now resides in the Professional Standards Section.

“All allegations of impropriety are taken seriously and appropriately addressed. We are committed to having a strong process and will continue reviewing best practices as we move forward,” stated Colonel McNeill.  

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