Greensboro Bar Surrenders ABC Permits After ALE Investigation


Following a homicide over the Labor Day weekend, a Greensboro bar owner has been criminally charged and surrendered his ABC permits to ALE special agents. 

ALE responded to the Ambiance Events Center, located at 508 Teague Street, after a shooting left one patron dead and one injured. The violence stemmed from a large fight inside the business which spilled out into the parking lot. 

Through the course of the investigation, ALE special agents found the permittee Lawerence Chandler, 49, of Greensboro, failed to superintend the business on the night of the shooting. After speaking with ALE, Chandler was charged with failing to superintend the licensed premises, unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor and voluntarily surrendered his ABC permits.  

Earlier this year, Ambiance Events Center was issued a written warning for violating the Governor’s Executive Orders by Greensboro Police Department. 

“ALE works tirelessly to ensure ABC-permitted businesses are safe for both the employees and patrons who frequent them,” said Israel Morrow, ALE Assistant Director for Operations. “Because of the permittee’s cooperation to surrender the business’ permits, we hope these senseless acts of violence can be avoided in the future.” 

The homicide investigation is ongoing with Greensboro Police Department.  


About ALE
ALE’s 109 specially trained agents have the authority to arrest and take investigatory action throughout North Carolina. Their primary responsibility is the enforcement of Alcoholic Beverage Control, tobacco, state lottery and gambling laws. 

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