Taylorsville Clerk Charged After Underage Crash


A Taylorsville convenience store clerk has been criminally charged following an underage vehicle crash.

On Tuesday, June 22, 2021, North Carolina State Highway Patrol contacted ALE after a single-vehicle collision in Taylorsville, NC. The driver and passenger were both underage and had consumed alcoholic beverages prior to the crash.

Through the course of the ALE investigation, special agents determined the underage passenger purchased malt beverages from All American Raceway, a convenience store located at 6901 Millersville Road in Taylorsville. The clerk, Elizabeth Bushatz, 33, of Taylorsville, was charged with selling malt beverages to an underage person.

Special agents will submit a report to the ABC Commission documenting the investigative findings. The ABC Commission may choose to sanction All American Raceway through fines, or suspension or revocation of a business’ ABC permits. 


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