Friday, August 5, 2022

Authorities Searching for Escapee from Robeson CRV Center

Aug 5, 2022
Wayne Zachary Holshouser

Update - Escapee from Robeson CRV Center Captured: The offender who escaped from a prison facility in Lumberton on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022, was caught on foot around five hours later by Department of Public Safety Prison Emergency Response Team. The offender surrendered without incident and was transported to a close custody facility. 


Correctional staff and law enforcement officers are searching for Wayne Zachary Holshouser (#0798888), who escaped Friday evening from the Robeson Confinement in Response to Violation (CRV) Center in Lumberton. He was discovered missing just after 5:30 p.m.

Holshouser, 37, was serving a period of confinement in response to a violation of his post-release supervision on a 2018 conviction of receiving a stolen vehicle. He was admitted on Aug. 15, 2018 and was scheduled to be released on Nov. 11, 2022. He is a white male who stands 6 foot 2, weighing 157 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He has multiple tattoos on his back, chest and both arms.

The CRV centers house and provide intensive behavior modification programs for those who have committed technical violations of probation. CRV centers incarcerate violators for 90-day periods in response to violations of probation, parole or post-release supervision as provided in the Justice Reinvestment Act of 2011.

Anyone who has seen Holshouser should contact local law enforcement by dialing 911 or the Robeson CRV at 910-618-5535.

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