Governor's Crime Commission

The Governor’s Crime Commission quarterly meeting

Commission members make recommendations to the governor and the secretary of the Department of Public Safety on federal grants for the state's criminal justice system, crime victims' services and juvenile justice.

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Governor's Crime Commission Meeting

When: June 7, 2018

Where: 1201 Front St., Raleigh



Governor's Crime Commission 2018 Funding Priorities

Listed by committees - Click to view funding priorities 
Criminal Justice Improvement Committee 2018 Priorities

Juvenile Justice Planning Committee 2018 Priorities
Crime Victim's Services Committee - 2018 VAWA Funding Priorities
Crime Victim's Services Committee - 2018 VOCA Funding Priorities
Solicitation for State Appropriated Body/Dashboard Cameras 2017-2018 Funding



GCC Administration

GCC Chairman Robert Evans

GCC Executive Director Caroline Valand

Governor's Crime Commission Members