Interstate Compact

The Interstate Compact Office manages all written and oral communications for the transfer and movement across state lines of adult offenders who are under community supervision.

ISC offices are required to comply with the Uniform Compact Rules and Procedures in their daily operation. This consistency, on a national level, allows for continuous supervision of these offenders as they move between states and therefore increases public safety and offender accountability.

The Interstate Compact Office is committed to providing efficient and courteous communication to North Carolina field staff, as well as compact offices across the US and its territories.

The National Rules are established by the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision.  Staff are responsible for training Community Supervision personnel and members of the judicial and legal communities.  Effective communication between the North Carolina staff, the Interstate Compact office and other states is a top priority as it is critical for public safety.

Interstate Compact Transfer Guide (English)

Interstate Compact Transfer Guide (Spanish)

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Instructions (English)

Instructions (Spanish)

Options Flyer (English)

NC Compact Money Order Deposit Slip (English & Spanish)


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