Juvenile Court Services

Juvenile Court Services Snapshots


Juvenile Court Services provides intake and supervision services for undisciplined and delinquent juveniles within a continuum of services that provides care and control.

Juvenile Court Services staff members:

  • receive and process allegations of delinquent and undisciplined behavior;
  • assess the risks and needs of the juvenile in order to provide for the security of the community and the juvenile's well-being;
  • divert from court those youth whose risk levels and needs can be met through diversion plans without formal court intervention;
  • make recommendations to court based on assessments that can include secure detention, if warranted;
  • provide case management as part of supervision, for youths on probation to assure the delivery of appropriate services while assuring compliance with court orders; and
  • provide aftercare, case management and post-release supervision to juveniles returning to the community following a commitment to a youth development center.