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Prison Offender Population Statistics  - Monthly comparison of prison population, entries and exits.   2019-20 Summary   2018-19 Summary  

Prison Assault Statistics - Inmate assaults on staff. Data includes the number of assaults reported through the incident reporting system and approved at the facility head level.

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Statistics Memos

Veteran Inmates in the Custody of North Carolina Division of Adult Correction (July  2013)
Sex Offender Entries and Releases (November 2008)
Sex Offender Recidivism and SOAR Returns to Prison (November 2008)
Sex Offenders in the Custody of N.C. DOC (June 2008)
Inmates with HIV/AIDS (June 2007)
Sex Offenders in the Custody of N.C. DOC (December 2006)
Summary of Homelessness in North Carolinas Offender Population (January 2005)
Sex Offender Recidivism and SOAR Returns to Prison (June 2006)

Research Briefs

Homelessness in the North Carolina Resident Offender Population (May 2006)
Educational Attainment of Inamtes Entering North Carolina's Prisons (July 2005)
Analysis of Inmate Infraction Trends 1996/1997 through 2002/2003 (November 2003)
Impact of Structured Sentencing on Correctional Populations (Summer 2002)
Tem Year Admissions Trends for Felons and Misdemeanor Ofenders (August 1999)

Program Fact Sheet

Domestic Violence Programs within the North Carolina Division of Prisons (September 2013)