Tactical Communications

Strategic Technology Reserve

The North Carolina STR program consists of two (2) parts, radio caches and mobile tower assets. 

North Carolina currently utilizes nine (9) radio caches as a part of the State’s STR program.  Eight (8) of the caches are contained in trailers and one (1) is vehicle based.  The radio caches are strategically place in each Domestic Preparedness Region (DPR) and are housed and maintained by local public safety agencies. 

The eight (8) radio cache trailers are equipped with the following resources:

  • 44 700/800 MHz portable radios
  • 20 UHF portable radios
  • 20 VHF portable radios
  • 20 FRS portable radios
  • ACU-T mobile gateway
  • Generator
  • Battery charging capability

There are five (5) mobile tower assets available for deployment

Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task Force


All Hazard Communications Unit

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Air to Ground Communications

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