Report Suspicious Activity

Prevent terrorism by reporting to local law enforcement when you see suspicious persons, objects and behaviors.  

When to Report

Call the local police or SBI (1-888-624-7222) if you see suspicious activities such as:  

  • Suspicious packages. If you do not recognize the return address or have other questions, call the police.
  • People who don't seem to belong in the workplace, neighborhood or in a particular building/area.
  • Monitoring activites using cameras, recording, note-taking, maps or diagrams. 
  • People testing security by watching reaction times/procedures that assess security 
  • Acquiring supplies by either purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons, ammo, etc.
  • People purchasing or stealing uniforms, decals, documents, passes or badges.
  • Impersonation of authorized personnel (e.g. police, security, janitor).
  • Attempts to gain information about operations, infrastructure, or people by mail, email, phone or in person.
  • People taking photos/videos of potential targets (landmarks, public buildings, power plants, etc.) from inside a vehicle
  • People taking detailed notes/video outside a potential target facility.
  • Suspicious transactions involving large cash payments, deposits or withdrawals (possible signs of terrorist funding).
  • Unauthorized person(s) trying to enter a restricted area or protected site.
  • Presenting false documents or misusing insignia to cover possible illicit activity.
  • Attempts to disrupt an organization's information technology infrastructure.
  • Communicating a spoken or written threat of damage to a facility or infrastructure.
  • Operating an aircraft that would be interpreted as suspicious or posing a threat to people or property. 

What to Report

Suspect Description

  • Hair color and length
  • Facial hair type and color (if present)
  • Eye color
  • Approximate age
  • Approximate height and weight
  • Unique characteristics: scars, tattoos, piercings, deformities, etc.
  • Clothing type and color (shorts/pants/dress, coat, hat, etc.)

Vehicle Description

  • License plate number and state
  • Vehicle make/model
  • Approximate year of vehicle
  • Vehicle color
  • Number of doors on vehicle
  • Description of bumper/window stickers (size, color, placement, content, etc.)
  • Description of vehicle damage (paint, dents, broken/missing glass, broken head or tail lights)