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Juvenile Justice acknowledged staff members for “Raising the Bar” during the past year. The award recognized staff from the various units nominated by their peers or managers. 

“They’ve gone above and beyond and have raised the bar for Juvenile Justice,” said Deputy Secretary Lassiter. “They set the bar a little higher than the rest of us. They’re pole vaulters and pushed the bar higher and higher.”

The 2022 Raising the Bar recipients were:

  • ADMINISTRATION: Crystal Wynn-Lewis, JJDP Racial & Ethnic Disparities Coordinator, Central Office - Crystal Wynn-Lewis has made it her mission to address the overrepresentation of minority youth in our juvenile justice system. Wynn-Lewis was crucial to obtaining a Governor’s Crime Commission grant to provide racial equity training for all JJDP staff. From combing through data to identify racial and ethnic disparities to organizing staff training opportunities, Wynn-Lewis is doing her part to ensure a more fair and equitable criminal justice system for all. 
  • CLINICAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES: Dr. Adam Prokopchak. Psychologist, Chatham Youth Development Center - Dr. Adam Prokopchak has fully committed himself to learning about mental health treatments for some of our most vulnerable juvenile offenders, including youth with histories of trauma, sexual abuse and suicidal tendencies. Prokopchak has immersed himself in becoming proficient in mental health treatment modalities that are most relevant and most beneficial to the needs of the youth he serves. 
  • COMMUNITY PROGRAMS: Scott Stoker, Area Consultant - Scott Stoker has been an advocate for the Piedmont’s juvenile crime prevention councils. In his work with the NC ALLIES, an online system which helps connect juvenile offenders with local service providers, Stoker has helped increase service coordination across county lines, ensuring youth can access the services that they need. 
  • COURT SERVICES: Melissa Maloko. Juvenile Court Counselor - Melissa Maloko has been a positive force for change in the communities she serves. After seeing an increase in gun-related offenses committed by local youth, she facilitated a roundtable discussion in Vance County with law enforcement, community partners and parents, seeking to elevate the conversation about gun violence in her district. 
  • FACILITIES: Tiea Daniels. Human Services Coordinator, Alexander Juvenile Detention Center - Tiea Daniels embodies what it means to be a team player. With a passion for Juvenile Justice, she strives daily to make a difference in the lives of the juveniles she serves. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she consistently stepped up to take on various roles when others were ill or unable to work. In her daily duties, she has been instrumental in program development for the juveniles at AJDC, implementing innovative and fun programs to engage with the youth in her care.
  • HEALTH SERVICES: Deana Loflin, Regional Nurse Supervisor - Since joining the JJDP Health Care Services team in 2021, Deana Loflin has become an invaluable team member. In her first year with the division, she has improved coordination between JJDP facilities in providing health services for the youth in our care. On her own initiative, Loflin developed a spreadsheet that offers vital healthcare information for each facility, including staff contacts, bed spaces and information regarding local healthcare providers. 
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Jennifer Short and Amy Peters - When it comes to keeping JJDP’s Information Technology systems up and running, Business Systems and Planning Manager Amy Peters and QA and Software Testing Manager Jennifer Short play a key role. The two were instrumental in the roll out of the Electronic Room Check application, facilitating both the app’s implementation and training for staff members at JJDP facilities across the state.
  • SPECIAL RECIPIENT: Justine Homiak, Juvenile Justice Policy ManagerWhen the call went out for Central Office staff to volunteer to cover shifts at facilities across the state, Homiak consistently went above and beyond in her willingness to serve at Cabarrus JDC/YDC and other facilities. Her unwavering desire to help facilities meet the needs of the youth in our care show the highest commitment to the mission of JJDP, and truly embody what it means to be a team player.