How to Participate in the 1033 Program

For all LEAs to qualify for entry into the 1033 program, LEAs must meet all three of these basic criteria:

  1. Is the agency's primary function the enforcement of laws?
  2. Is the agency's officers properly compensated?
  3. Do the agency's officers have the powers of arrest and apprehension?

If all three prerequisites are met, LEAs will need to:

     1.  Submit an Application for Participation.

Enrollment Requirement:

  • Authorization from Civilian Governing Body (CGB) to participate
  • Application for enrollment*
  • State Plan of Operation*
  • State Plan of Operation Addendum*

*All documentation are required to be signed by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO)  

NOTE: Applications are a standardized form. DLA Disposition Services LESO will only accept the form provided. It is preferred that the LEA types the application rather than handwriting, to avoid errors. If you must handwrite the form, please use all capital letters and print neatly. All documents can be found here.  

By forwarding the application to LESO, the State Coordinator asserts that the State LEA meets the definition and will abide by all terms of the DLA/State Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The LEA must submit the Application for Enrollment/State Plan of Operation (SPO) and State Plan of Operation Addendum to  for State Coordinator approval and submission to LESO.

     2. Once LESO validates the application and it is approved, they will generate an Authorization Letter for Property Screening, upon request, and issue the new agency a DODAAC.