Oxendine Named new Community Corrections Deputy Director


Department of Public Safety Chief Deputy Secretary W. David Guice today named Chris Oxendine as the new Deputy Director of Community Corrections, overseeing field operations.

Oxendine had been an administrator for the Special Operations and Intelligence Unit responsible for the Division of Criminal Investigation and Extradition.

“Chris has worked his way through the ranks of Community Corrections and will be an integral part of its leadership team,” said Guice. “He brings years of experience to the deputy director role.”

Oxendine has been with DPS since becoming a probation/parole officer in Guilford County in 1991, and graduated from the Correctional Leadership Development Program in 2009. He has been an intensive officer, chief probation/parole officer, assistant judicial manager for Judicial District 18 (Guilford County), judicial district manager for Forsyth County, and assistant division administrator for the Third Division of Community Corrections (32 counties in the Piedmont area).

“Because of his career with Community Corrections, he appreciates the role of probation officers and the work they do to promote offender change and protect public safety,” said Community Corrections Director Tracy Lee. “I look forward to working with him in his new capacity.”

Prior to joining DPS, Oxendine served in the Marines and worked as a counselor with the Division of Juvenile Justice as a counselor at Samarkand Manor Juvenile Detention Center. A native of Robeson County, he graduated from University of North Carolina at Pembroke.



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