State Bureau of Investigation Reporting for DPS Only

N.C. General Statute 143B-920 requires that the department head report any information or evidence of an attempted arson, or arson, damage of, theft from, or theft of, or embezzlement of, or misuse of, any state-owned personal property, buildings, or other real property, to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) within ten days of receipt of such information or evidence.

An employee having information or evidence of these incidents is required to report the incident to his/her immediate supervisor as soon as possible, but no later than three days after discovery. The supervisor should immediately report this information to the department (facility/section) head. The department head should complete a State Property Incident Report (SBI-78 form) and forward all completed reports as directed in the following paragraphs.

The Department of Public Safety's reporting process for the SBI State Property Incident reports has been designated to the director of Internal Audit. To facilitate the DPS's reporting requirements, as well as collection and management of this information, Timothy Harrell, director of Internal Audit, has been assigned responsibility for receiving and reviewing all completed reports.

It is the director of Internal Audit's responsibility to send the completed reports to the SBI and to manage the overall reporting process for DPS.

Please be sure to leave the department head/designee signature, date, and address blocks on the SBI-78 form blank for the director of Internal Audit’s signature and address.

For DPS-related incidents, the only e-mail address you are authorized to submit the completed SBI State Property Incident Reports to is: