The N.C. Boxing and Combat Sports Commission offers annual training to prospective and current combat sports officials who are interested in developing proficiency as referees, judges, inspectors and commission representatives. 


Referees enter the ring or cage to protect the athletes and maintain a fair playing field throughout the competition. If they identify an injury or potential safety concern, they intervene to preserve the safety of the contestants. Referees also decide if a fight should continue or be stopped. 

N.C. Boxing Commission Annual Officials Training: Nov. 18-19, 2023


Three judges stand outside the ring or cage to observe combatants and score their performance during each round of the fight. They use a 10-point system, presenting their individual score cards to the Commission Representative. They also may assist the referee in determining if a foul occurred. 

N.C. Boxing Commission Annual Officials Training: Nov. 18-19, 2023


Inspectors oversee fighter preparations before the match. They monitor the dressing room, where they observe and sign off on the wrapping of the fighter’s hands. They also confirm fighters ingest only approved liquids. Inspectors may be called into the ring or cage during rest periods to observe the fighters.

N.C. Boxing Commission Annual Officials Training: NC DPS: Nov. 18-19, 2023

Commission Representatives

Commission Representatives manage the event and have a broad scope of duties.  

  • Manage officials at the event, providing instructions before the fight and pay. 
  • Collect fees owed by the event promoter, fighters, seconds and other participants.  
  • Ensure promoters adhere to all state and federal regulations. 
  • Start or stop an event based on safety issues.  
  • Conduct weigh-ins prior to the fight.  
  • Collect and pay-out fighter purses, and review all fighter contracts prior to the fight.  
  • Serve as the point of contact between law enforcement and medical personnel. 
  • Collect and total the scores of every round of the fight.  

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