Commercial Vehicle Citation Appeal

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Please use this form to submit a citation Request for Review. Please submit one Request for Review form per citation. Additional citations mentioned in the "Reason for Denying Responsibility of the Penalty Imposed" section of this form will not be reviewed.

Note: If you have already submitted an appeal, please DO NOT fill out another form to check the status or to submit additional documentation.  

  • Size and Weight violation - CVE-001
  • Permit violation - CVE-004
  • Notice of Interstate / Intrastate For-Hire violation - CVE-003
  • Out-of-Service citation - CVE-507

Appeal requests must be submitted within 30 days of the date the citation was issued according to state law (see GS 20.178.1).

Citation cannot be protested if over 30 days (NCGS 20.178.1 and 14B NCAC 07C.0101)

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Are you the motor carrier or the retained representative of the motor carrier?
Size and Weight

This citation can only be contested by the registered or legal owner. Contact the CVE Section for further guidance.

The NCDPS Secretary does not have the authority to reduce or dismiss the fine.

For Hire/Out of Service

You must be the motor carrier or legal representative in order to contest the citation.

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