Media Contacts

Communications Office

Phone: 919-733-5027 

Communications officers are available to provide media assistance during normal working hours, Monday-Friday 8-5. All calls/emails received after-hours that are non-emergency-related will be reviewed on the next working day.

For incidents requiring timely response, an on-call Communications Officer is available for after normal business hours, weekends and holidays. You may call the Communications Office main line and follow the prompts to reach the on-call person. They will respond as promptly as possible for inquiries deemed emergency in nature.    

Jody DonaldsonDirector  919-436-3146

Diana Kees, Deputy Director  919-436-3147

Margaret Ekam, Operations Manager  919-825-2768                       

vacant, Public Relations Manager 

Keith Acree, Communications Officer/Emergency Management  919-825-2517

Brian Haines, Communications Officer/Emergency Management (Disaster Recovery)  919-825-2390

John Bull, Communications Officer/Prisons 984-255-6021

Brad Deen, Communications Officer/Prisons 984-255-6202

Jerry Higgins, Communications Officer/Juvenile Justice 919-436-3129

Greg Thomas, Communications Officer/Community Corrections  (Probation/Parole) 919-436-3141

Matthew Jenkins, Communications Officer/Division of Administration 919-825-2726

Clyde Roper, Communications Officer/State Capitol Police, Private Protective Services Board, Law Enforcement Support Services  919-436-3140

F/Sgt. Christopher Knox, Public Information Officer/State Highway Patrol 984-349-6577

Sgt. Marcus Bethea, Public Information Officer/State Highway Patrol 984-349-6577

Special Agent Erin Bean, Public Information Officer/Alcohol Law Enforcement 919-896-0829


Affiliated Agencies

Anjanette Grube, Public Information Director, State Bureau of Investigation  980-781-3049

    Bridget Munger, Communications Director, North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCORR) 984-833-5361

    Lt. Col. Matt Handley, Lead Public Affairs Officer/N.C. National Guard 984-664-6244

    Maj. Matt Boyle, Media Relations/N.C. National Guard 919-612-5061

    Jeff Strickland, Public Affairs Director/Alcoholic Beverage Commission 919-779-8344