Precious Metal Business Forms

[North Carolina General Statutes Article 45 of Chapter 66]

Article 45 of Chapter 66 of the North Carolina General Statutes governs the regulation of precious metal business in the state (see #7 below).

A person who purchases precious metals from the public, other than by an exempted transaction (as defined in Chapter 66-406 (1)), must have a dealer permit. A precious metal dealer permit is only issued by a local law enforcement agency (city police or county sheriff department) where the business will be located using a form approved by the Department of Public Safety. The applicant for a dealer permit must also obtain a certificate of compliance for every employee engaged in the business of precious metals purchasing. Chapter 66-407 further explains this process.

All applicants must apply with their respective local law enforcement agency. Finger printing and criminal history checks on all applicants are required. A person, firm or corporation requesting a Special Occasion Permit must also comply with the fingerprint requirement.

The SBI is authorized to charge the applicant a fee to perform the criminal record check. The dealer permit application fee of $180 will cover the cost of the fingerprint check. A certificate of compliance will be issued after proper registration of an employee and payment of a $10 fee to the local law enforcement agency.

The approved forms are listed below. These forms may be reprinted on the local law enforcement agency's stationary.

  1. Application for Precious Metals Dealer Permit
  2. Supplemental Information Sheet for Co-Owner of Precious Metals Business
  3. Precious Metals Business Employee Registration Form
  4. Precious Metals Dealer Permit
  5. Certificate of Compliance for Precious Metals Business Employee
  6. Precious Metals Dealer Bond
  7. North Carolina General Statutes §§ 66-405 through 66-419