Hurricane Ian Public Assistance

As of October 1st, 2022, the State of North Carolina has been granted a FEMA Emergency Declaration for Hurricane Ian, FEMA-3586-EM. The only eligible categories of work for this declaration are:

  • Category B: Emergency Work

  • Category Z: Management Costs

If you have any questions, please reach out to your area’s Grants Manager.

Watch the applicant briefing   Public Notice - EM 3586 NC

Requests for Public Assistance

The deadline to submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA) for the declaration for Hurricane Ian has been extended to Monday, Nov. 14, 2022 and will be done through FEMA’s Grants Portal.

  • Applicants need to make sure they have access to FEMA’s Grants Portal. If you do not, please reach out to your State Grants Manager for assistance. If you do not know who your Grants Manager is, please refer to the area map.

  • Once in Grants Portal, please locate FEMA-3586-EM and choose to complete an RPA.

  • Once your organization has been approved, you will be contacted by a FEMA Program Delivery Manager to schedule a Recovery Scoping Meeting.  During this meeting you will discuss your eligible costs and next steps.

  • If you are new to disaster work or are looking for a refresher in Grants Portal training, please send an email to, with the subject reading “Grants Portal Training Request.”

  • If you have any questions about your RPA, please contact your Grants Manager. Please ensure that you have all documents needed for submission, as you will not be able to go back once you’ve started. You will need:

    • For All Applicants:

      • EIN Number

      • DUNS Number

    • For Non-Profits, in addition:

      • State Tax ID

      • 501c, d, or e


  1. After your request for Public Assistance has been approved in Grants Portal, you will need to log into EM Grants to complete the funding agreement.

  2. DO NOT use any Cost-Plus contracts, as they are not allowed by FEMA for funding.

  3. Time & Materials contracts may be used in exigent situations and must have a ceiling cost. Once the emergent work has been completed you will need to stop and follow your procurement policy.

  4. The State has an approved Debris Contract that can be used by State and local municipalities only. The municipality would need to send a notice to proceed to the assigned contractor and they will respond within 24 hours to assist. There is also a Statewide Mosquito Abatement contract available for your use as well. Both are available on the Debris Management page of the NCDPS/NCEM website.

  5. Requests for Individual Assistance and Public Assistance Preliminary Damage Assessments should be submitted as per standard procedures.

  6. It is recommended that applicants create and organize folders on their desktop for the disaster, and begin tracking management costs per person, date, number of hours and what was worked on during that time. If needed, your State Grants Manager can provide an example.

  7. For the Hurricane Ian declaration, the minimum project threshold is $3,800.00

  8. The new Large Project Threshold is $1 million. All projects below this amount will be considered small projects. If your obligated small project was based on estimates, and the actual final costs are over the obligated amount, we will need to perform a small project netting to add any potential additional funds. To do this, all small projects must be completed prior to request, and all backup documentation will be required for all small projects.

  9. APPLICANT BRIEF: The applicant brief was held virtually on Thursday October 6, 2022. Applicant Brief PDF