Current Openings

North Carolina's juvenile justice system offers great opportunities in careers that matter. For current job openings, visit the Office of State Human Resources and search "juvenile justice."

Criminal Justice Certified Positions

Clinical Chaplain I
Clinical Chaplain II
Nurse Supervisor 
Professional Nurse
Senior Psychologist I
Staff Psychologist
Social Worker III
Social Work Supervisor II
Clinical Social Worker
Psychological Program Manager

School Principal
School Assistant Principal
School Educator I
School Educator II
School Vocational Educator
School Educator – Substitute
Educational/Developmental Aide I
Educational/Developmental Aide II

Court Services  
Chief Court Counselor I
Chief Court Counselor II
Juvenile Court Counselor I
Juvenile Court Counselor II
Juvenile Court Counselor Supervisor

Human Services 
Youth Program/Education Assistant II
Human Services Coordinator I
Youth Services Behavioral Specialist
Housing Unit Supervisor
Youth Counselor Technician
Youth Counselor
Youth Counselor Supervisor
Youth Center Supervisor
Training School Unit Administrator
Training School Assist. Unit Administrator

Managerial Services 
Training School Program Manager
Youth Services Facility Director
Detention Director

The Department of Public Safety selects candidates from among the most qualified applicants in accordance with the Merit-Based Recruitment and Selection Plan for positions subject to the State Personnel Act. The Department of Public Safety is an equal opportunity employer.